Everything Else!

Today is August 2,2015 an my Daddy's birthday is August 6th. For his birthday, I am planning a secret birthday surprise. The surprise is that I am planning a birthday carnival which means that in every room there is a different game such as "How well Do You Know Daddy!" My Daddy is turning 46 years young(as he likes to call it,so for dessert I am making 23 cupcakes with 2 candles in each. But remember,it's a secret,so just between you and me!
Love, Ellie's Little Cakes(Ellie)

Yesterday, my best friend Colby came over and we baked two desserts. They were called, "Nutella, Marshmallows and Dough, Oh My!" and, "Brownie Puffs". I am very excited to write a post saying the recipe today!
Love, Ellie's Little Cakes (Ellie)

Today I am going to make a delicious breakfast for my family! I will make two options of breakfast and they might be chocolate chip pancakes with syrup and chocolate chip muffins with sugar sprinkled on top! Please tell me if you like this post!
Love, Ellie's Little Cakes (Ellie) 

School just started and my long weekend is ending. :( I am in Mrs.Connors fifth grade class. Over the long weekend, I went to two pool parties and had a sleepover. I also got my Moms old computer!!!!! :) My best friend Colby came over to go to the Y but it was close! We also went to the beach and a pool party with her. I finished an amazing book called The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane! Thanks for listening and tell me if you like this post! Love, Ellie's Little Cakes (Ellie)